Let God take Charge of Your Life

One more week spent serving God comes to an end, I happy to say I was blessed with the chance to touch a few more people positively through this Ministry and, by listening to others as we all go through life’s challenges. Many people seem to be hurting as a result of poor decision making […]

Seeing through Adversity

A new year slowly gets under way, this is a time often filled with hope as last year’s resolutions kick-in; Hopes of a better job instead of strength to “do”a better job, a better mate rather than the patience needed to fully enjoy my current relationship, and of course, a better “me” rather than praying for […]

Surrounding yourself with Godly People

Wow! What a phenomenal week I just had! I am in complete awe with life and God’s green earth. I just had a dream week and want to share some of it with you… It started out with beach volleyball which as you know is among my favorite sports. Add a few new Christian friends, […]

What do others Say about you?

A stormy week comes to an end, funny how the weather plays a role in most people’s lives. I didn’t get to enjoy the outdoors much since my last message but made the most of the past seven days never the less. Since thunder and lightning kept me indoors, I turned to the Bible for […]

Giving in to Temptation

I’ve had yet another blessed week in Florida fulfilling my life’s mission serving God any way I can. This week, I got to help people with Bible Study, Online Marketing, Web Design and Photography. I made more smiles than I can count and am thankful for the opportunities God delivered throughout the week. Sunday brought on […]

Find Purpose for Your Life

I was blessed to enjoy yet another fantastic week in Central Florida doing what I do best: serve God through my work and ministry opportunities. More “would be” headaches turned into small miracles, a few people joined the Thrive Through Christ Ministries and thankfully, there were plenty of witnessing opportunities. All I can say is […]

Be Thankful for All God has Given You

I just got back from a near perfect afternoon at the beach where I was blessed to enjoy one of my favorite sports, beach volleyball… I can’t tell you how much I love to play the game, running around soft white sand under a bright Florida Sunshine. I can only thank God for allowing me […]

Gluttony is out of Control

I’m writing this week’s message by candle light after a violent thunderstorm rocked west Florida. Another friendly reminder how fragile our technology can be when nature roars. Still, here I am speaking my mind never the less… This week’s message targets the American obesity epidemic. If the shoe fits, wear it; This message is not […]

Keep Serving God No Matter What

Wow! That’s the best word to describe the week I had. God worked his magic once again, not exactly the way I would do it yet, it was another phenomenal week never the less! Monday brought on quite the test when a leaking automobile fuel tank turned into a nightmare threatening the entire neighborhood seeing […]

Following God’s Guidebook the Bible

Another splendid week came to past, many more opportunities to serve God presented themsleves in my life and though I try and meet each challenge head-on, I am sorry to report more of God’s people turned away from the Word and commited sinful acts inspite of the guidance I offered. I am shaken by people’s […]