Salvation Test – How Do I Know I’m Going to Heaven?

The only way to Heaven is through Christ. (John 14:6)

I find it unfortunate countless people today live in complete ignorance, assuming they are headed to Heaven based on their works, or worse yet, relying on infant baptism or other meaningless religious ritual.

The fact of the matter is, Heaven is not a place for good people, it’s the place for God’s people.

Only those who believe in Jesus, the One who is the resurrected Christ and Savior, will inherit a place in Heaven. As for the rest, Jesus tells us they will suffer eternal punishment as each one is cast into the fiery furnace called Hell.

Yes, Hell is a REAL place.

Another myth that’s misleading millions of people involves the truth about Hades, the lake of fire known as Hell. Today’s businesses that pose as God’s church, yes the majority of those buildings you drive by each day teach a watered down gospel in which Hell, and even sin are all but ignored.

Make no mistake, without faith in Yeshua, the risen Christ, you too will burn and face God’s eternal punishment.

The good news is there is hope. By God’s grace, through faith, ALL those who believe will be saved from the wages of sin.

How do I know if I’m saved?

Simple! Take the Salvation Test! Click HERE to take the Thrive Through Christ Salvation Test now and find out once and for all if you are saved, and headed to Heaven or if you are unsaved, and on a path that leads to destruction.

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May God bless you!

Daniel St.Pierre
Leader, Thrive Through Christ Ministries

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