Proverbs 10:9 Character, By Faith

Proverbs 10:9 Character, By Faith

He who walks with integrity walks securely,
But he who perverts his ways will become known.”

Proverbs 10:9

I am truly blessed far beyond my deserving.

Earlier this week, both my bosses, Pasquale and Joey made statements that brought tears to my eyes.

Pasquale vouched for me with his business partners, and in spite of a tremendous amount of drama and toxicity in my life, and constant attacks by the enemy, he assured his best friend and busines spartners I was “The Real Deal.”

At my second job later that day, as I handed a stack of cash to Joey, he mentioned I was the only driver he trusted, and that was the reason why he never counted the money I give him.

When I told Joey my ex-wife was busy speading lies about me and doing whatever she could to destroy my reputation, he added “Your reputation is what others think of you; your character is what you truly are. And Dan, you’re a man of great character.”


I give praise to God for the person He created, for the man I have become.

So this week, I was led to embark on a journey of self-reflection and growth as to further explore the timeless wisdom of Proverbs 10:9: “He who walks with integrity walks securely, But he who perverts his ways will become known.” In this verse, we find a profound truth about the essence of great character and the importance of living a life guided by integrity.

I. Understanding Integrity:
Integrity is the cornerstone of great character. It encompasses honesty, moral uprightness, and consistency in one’s actions and values. To walk in integrity means to align our words, thoughts, and deeds with the highest standards of truth and righteousness. It’s about being authentic and transparent in all aspects of our lives, even when faced with challenges or temptations to compromise our principles.

II. Walking Securely:
The proverb tells us that those who walk in integrity walk securely. When we live with integrity, we experience a profound sense of inner peace and confidence. Our decisions are grounded in moral clarity, and we navigate life’s complexities with grace and conviction. Integrity serves as a firm foundation that anchors us amidst life’s storms, providing stability and assurance even in the face of uncertainty.

III. The Consequences of Crooked Paths:
Conversely, the proverb warns against the perils of taking crooked paths. When we stray from the path of integrity and embrace deceit or dishonesty, we not only betray the trust of others but also undermine our own moral fiber. The pursuit of short-term gain through deceitful means ultimately leads to long-term consequences and spiritual bankruptcy. Like a house built on sand, a life devoid of integrity is susceptible to collapse when confronted with the winds of adversity.

IV. Cultivating Integrity:
Living with integrity is a daily practice that requires intentionality and discipline. It involves making conscious choices to uphold moral principles, even when faced with difficult circumstances or societal pressures. Cultivating integrity begins with self-awareness and a commitment to personal growth. It requires humility to acknowledge our shortcomings and courage to strive for moral excellence.

V. Walking in the Footsteps of Integrity:
As followers of faith, we are called to emulate the example of Jesus Christ, who epitomized integrity in every aspect of His life. His unwavering commitment to truth and righteousness serves as a guiding light for us as we navigate the complexities of the world. Let us heed the call to walk in His footsteps, embracing integrity as the bedrock of our character and the hallmark of our discipleship.

Let’s apply the timeless wisdom of Proverbs 10:9 and strive to walk in integrity in all areas of our lives. May we be known not only for our words but also for our actions, as we seek to honor God and bless others through lives marked by honesty, humility, and moral uprightness.

Were you able to glean and grow from this message so God can be further glorified and His Kingdom magnified? If so, I would love to hear from you. Follow this link to get in touch… Let’s pray!

Father God;
We thank you for your presence in our lives,
We praise you Lord for the wisdom bestowed upon King Solomon,
And we ask you Lord to help us find joy in your perfect plan.

Allow us to praise and love each other through faith in you Jesus,
Shield us from evil through your Word, salvation and prayer,
Guide us to abide by the truth as we spread the good news to one and all,
And lead the lost to You.

God we pray that you will continue to bless us,
To bless our lives and fill us with hope.
We ask you Lord to guide our footsteps and lead us to the way everlasting,
Through faith in you Lord we seek salvation and our place with you in Heaven
According to your ways, your everlasting wisdom and strength.

May your will be done, here on Earth and through the vast Universe,
May our hearts be filled with your everlasting love and grace.
Praises to You God, Amen!

This message was written by Daniel St.Pierre

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Daniel St.Pierre

Daniel St.Pierre is a born again child of God. A Canadian immigrant to the United States, Daniel considers himself "blessed to be a blessing" as the ministry he leads continues to reach thousands of souls each month, on a global scale since 2003.