It’s never too late to say YES to the Lord!

What is my mission? My purpose? What am I here for? These questions are at the root of who we are, and who we become…

A murderer waves his white t-shirt surrendering to authorities after his hostage shares her Faith and reads the first chapter of Rick Warren’s “A Purpose Driven Life”. What drove this man to kill innocent people? More importantly, how was he influenced in turning himself in?

I believe all of us are wired to seek God. It is unfortunate some of us wait until there seems to be no other alternative. I often wonder what triggers people to accept Jesus Christ as their savior, for me it was the realization that I was contributing to immoral decay in our society. When I had surpassed my own financial goals, I came face to face with God and saw disappointment in His eyes.

Growing up Catholic, my father taught me that success was measured by the size of a man’s wallet and that I would not fulfill my dreams without stepping on some toes along the way. This continues to be true in his life but I consider myself lucky to have grown passed this mentality.

Instead, through reading God’s word and following in Jesus’ footsteps, I chose to store my treasures in Heaven rather than on earth. It has become obvious that the rewards can still be felt in this life as God’s almighty grace continues to bless me and those around me. One question that troubles me is “would I preach the same message from a prison cell?” I pray I’ll never find out…

The Brian Nichols story has been all over the media recently and I have to admit, I love how the story ends or at least, how he was influenced to surrender after “an angel sent from above” shared her life’s experiences and a chapter of Rick’s book.

Surely he will face the death penalty, we may never know if he was guilty of the numerous charges that landed him in in the court room where he opened fire and killed a judge, a court reporter and several others.

We do know however that Brian listened and may have had an epiphany. He’s been given a chance to redeem himself before God. I hope those of you still struggling with your Faith won’t go through such a traumatic experience in order to surrender to Jesus!

Let’s pray.

Father God;
We thank you for all that surrounds us and for your love.
We pray that you will lead us to follow your plan for our lives
And ask you to put us to work for you in the days ahead
Living according to your ways knowing you know what’s best for us.

Lord we pray you will inspire us to listen to you
guide us to walk in your footsteps
Hand in hand with other Godly people.

God we ask that you forgive our sins
And cleanse us of Evil like only you can
So that we may rejoice in your ever loving grace.

Thank you almighty God for all that you’ve given us!

Praise God,

This message was written by Daniel St.Pierre

Posted in Bible Studies.

Daniel St.Pierre