Quit Complaining!

A new year slowly gets under way, this is a time often filled with hope as last year’s resolutions kick-in; Hopes of a better job instead of strength to “do”a better job, a better mate rather than the patience needed to fully enjoy my current relationship, and of course, a better “me” rather than praying for […]

Christmas Year ’round!

The joy of Christmas flowed through me like cool streams down a mountain side this past week where God put me to work for Him once again. The true spirit of Christmas lays within all of us. Celebrating the birth of Christ is more than religious, it has become a source of inspiration to millions […]

Celebrating the Birth of Jesus Christ

T’is the season to be jolly, may God bring his blessings upon you and shower all those around you with His eternal love! Christmas is right around the corner, aside shopping, sending cards and attending parties, I thought it would be nice to spend a few minutes reflecting on the reason why we jump through […]

Serving God while in a Relationship

Married life is awesome. Praise God for all He’s given me through marriage so far and for all that is to come. I have never felt so in tune with God my entire life as I have this past week, and yes the fact I am now married is at the root of such a […]

The Joy that comes with Marriage

I just had the most exciting week of my life – A clever dance spread over 7 days preceding my wedding to Elizabeth. I cannot describe how endearing it’s been to court her and now have her as my wife. Together, we will do great things! We married before God on Saturday so we could get […]

Being Thankful is Essential

Being thankful was easy this week, when a way of life feels better than any holiday, being thankful is an essential part of worshiping God. I am most thankful for my relationship with God, my love for my wife Elizabeth, and my work where each day where I get to sit behind a desk made […]

Faith instead of Frustration

I was forced onto an emotional roller coaster this past week and I have to admit even though I love a good ride, this up and down run drained me. It really helped me reaffirm the fact our lives are a result of decisions we make each day. From a simple smile to a hearty […]

How do I know I’m going to Heaven?

How do I know I’m going to Heaven? Looking around it’s obvious a lot of people aren’t worried about this, or are they simply waiting for redemption down the home stretch? God will forgive all sins and open the gates of Heaven to those who choose to serve him, as a child, an adult or […]

Reaching out Spreading the Light

The sun still shines bright today, as it did yesterday, just as it will tomorrow. Even though some areas of our earth will see a cloudy day, sooner or later, the sun will shine. Those of you going through an overcast day have something to look forward to and need to remember life is not […]

Welcoming God’s Challenges

Excuse me but are you guys Christians? I ask because you two look so happy! This had to be one of the sweetest things anyone’s said to me in years! Elizabeth and I had just sampled some soup at the grocery store when the soup lady walked up to us and engaged us a in […]