Proverbs 21:15 Justice, By Faith

Proverbs 21:15 Justice By Faith

15 It is a joy for the just to do justice,
But destruction will come to the workers of iniquity. ”

Proverbs 21:15

The enemy is at my door. She is deranged, armed, dangerous and has an army of thugs with her.

Satan has taken on a mission to destroy me. But, he has done so in the body of a woman, and she has already broken our family apart, and ruined the precious lives of our innocent children.

All I have to defend myself is my faith in the One who will save me from death, and the wages of my sin.

In the intricate tapestry of life, we often find ourselves facing challenges that test the very fabric of our faith. Today, I was led to dive into the profound wisdom of Proverbs 21:15, seeking solace and guidance for those who have been falsely persecuted, particularly in the context of a tumultuous relationship.

“When justice is done, it brings joy to the righteous but terror to evildoers.” (Proverbs 21:15, NIV)

These words resonate deeply with those who have endured false persecution, especially at the hands of a deranged spouse. In the face of adversity, we must anchor ourselves in the assurance that justice, in due course, will bring joy to the righteous and invoke a sense of accountability for evildoers.

1. The Weight of False Persecution:
False persecution is a heavy burden to bear. Whether fueled by personal vendettas, mental health challenges, or a deranged mindset, the impact on the innocent party can be profound. It strikes at the core of one’s character, causing emotional and spiritual turmoil that can linger long after the storm has passed.

2. The Power of Patience:
In the midst of false persecution, patience becomes a beacon of hope. The journey toward justice is often a lengthy one, filled with twists and turns. It requires steadfast faith and endurance to navigate the process, trusting that the wheels of justice, though turning slowly, are turning nonetheless.

3. Anchoring in God’s Promises:
The foundation of our endurance lies in anchoring ourselves in God’s promises. Proverbs 21:15 assures us that justice will prevail, bringing joy to the righteous. Our faith is not in the immediacy of resolution but in the unwavering truth that God is a just and righteous judge who sees the heart.

4. Seeking Legal Recourse:
While we lean on spiritual strength, seeking legal recourse is a practical step toward justice. Falsely persecuted individuals should not hesitate to explore legal avenues that can expose the truth and bring accountability to those who perpetrate harm. In this pursuit, remember that God’s justice can manifest through human instruments.

5. The Healing Power of Truth:
As the journey unfolds, the revelation of truth becomes a potent source of healing. The unveiling of the facts, the exposure of falsehoods, and the acknowledgment of innocence begin to mend the wounds inflicted by false persecution. Truth, when embraced, becomes a catalyst for personal and spiritual restoration.

6. Forgiveness as a Healing Balm:
In the pursuit of justice, we must grapple with the concept of forgiveness. It is not a condoning of wrongdoing but a conscious decision to release the grip of bitterness and resentment. Forgiveness is a healing balm that allows the wounded soul to experience freedom, even in the face of injustice.

7. Triumph in Justice:
As justice unfolds, there is triumph for the falsely persecuted. The joy mentioned in Proverbs 21:15 is not mere happiness but a profound sense of vindication, a restoration of dignity, and the assurance that God’s justice prevails over the schemes of evildoers.

If you find yourself navigating the treacherous waters of false persecution, like me, take refuge in the promises of God. Proverbs 21:15 serves as a beacon of hope, assuring us that justice will prevail, bringing joy to the righteous and instilling a sense of accountability in evildoers.

May your journey be marked by patience, unwavering faith, and the healing power of truth. As you pursue justice, may you also find the strength to extend forgiveness, releasing the weight of bitterness and embracing the triumph that comes when God’s justice prevails.

May the joy of vindication be your portion, and may the Lord, the ultimate arbiter of justice, guide you through the shadows into the brilliance of His light.

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Father God;
We thank you for your presence in our lives,
We praise you Lord for the wisdom bestowed upon King Solomon,
And we ask you Lord to help us find joy in your perfect plan.

Allow us to praise and love each other through faith in you Jesus,
Shield us from evil through your Word, salvation and prayer,
Guide us to abide by the truth as we spread the good news to one and all,
And lead the lost to You.

God we pray that you will continue to bless us,
To bless our lives and fill us with hope.
We ask you Lord to guide our footsteps and lead us to the way everlasting,
Through faith in you Lord we seek salvation and our place with you in Heaven
According to your ways, your everlasting wisdom and strength.

May your will be done, here on Earth and through the vast Universe,
May our hearts be filled with your everlasting love and grace.
Praises to You God, Amen!

This message was written by Daniel St.Pierre

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Daniel St.Pierre

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