You must be Born Again to see the Kingdom of God

Earlier this week I had an interesting conversation with a Catholic woman involving spiritual rebirth and baptism. Using profanity and a tone that showed obvious resentment toward non-denominational protestant faith, she attempted to defend the Catholic faith through justification and interpretation of the bible while I opted for biblical references.

Molly claims she’s been a Christian her entire life having been raised by Catholic parents and baptized as an infant. She was never born again, has no testimony and does not recall ever making a conscious decision to accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior or repent of her sins by asking God for His forgiveness. Molly’s investment in God’s kingdom involves going to mass for one hour on Sundays. She has no works to show for and does not glorify God in her business or her life. Molly is obviously not saved.

What troubles me is most people do not understand how rebirth works. It’s really a simple process, a prayer. Yesterday I was blessed to be a part of an interesting chat session with a 13 year old boy that’s been seeking Christ. Our conversation led to his rebirth.

Brady Roberts: hey dan
Brady Roberts: you there?
Brady Roberts: guess you left
Brady Roberts: later
Daniel St.Pierre: sorry brady, i was in the bedroom putting Gracie down for the night
Brady Roberts: thats ok
Daniel St.Pierre: you doin alright?
Brady Roberts: yea you?
Daniel St.Pierre: superb dude
Daniel St.Pierre: we had such a phenomenal weekend
Daniel St.Pierre: God is soooooo good to us brady
Brady Roberts: can you help me with something?
Daniel St.Pierre: of course
Brady Roberts: if you dont want to thats fine
Daniel St.Pierre: whats up?
Brady Roberts: I want to convert to being a christian really soon
Daniel St.Pierre: there’s no conversion necessary brady
Brady Roberts: ok
Daniel St.Pierre: all you need to do is ask for God’s forgiveness for your sins, accept and acknowledge His son Jesus Christ as Lord over your life allowing Him to lead your footsteps
Brady Roberts: sounds too easy to be true
Daniel St.Pierre: you’re closer than you think
Brady Roberts: im kinda sick and my faiths really been bugging me
Brady Roberts: thats why ive been studying all the different religions, but only christianty makes sense
Daniel St.Pierre: sick…?
Brady Roberts: yea, ill
Daniel St.Pierre: phycally or spiritually?
Brady Roberts: i have cancer
Daniel St.Pierre: you can beat cancer, countless people do every day
Daniel St.Pierre: i’m more concerned with your soul
Brady Roberts: why
Daniel St.Pierre: spiritual challenges are often far more diffucult to overcome
Daniel St.Pierre: doctors can fix cancer but not your soul
Brady Roberts: i could die in less than 2 years
Daniel St.Pierre: you already know where you want to be in the next life right?
Brady Roberts: yea
Daniel St.Pierre: anyone of us could die in the next few hours
Brady Roberts: yea but most of us havent been told that by a doctor
Daniel St.Pierre: you need to get your life right with God brady
Brady Roberts: i want to
Daniel St.Pierre: do you believe in God?
Brady Roberts: yes
Daniel St.Pierre: the creator of all that was, all that is and that will be?
Brady Roberts: yea
Daniel St.Pierre: do you believe that God sent His one and only son Jesus Christ to die for our sins on the cross?
Brady Roberts: yep
Daniel St.Pierre: do you truthfully repent of your sins and ask God for His strength to help you resist evil and temptation as you walk the narrow path toward heaven?
Brady Roberts: yea
Daniel St.Pierre: can you humble yourself and ask for God’s forgiveness for your sins… are you willing to surrender your life to serve the one and only God almighty through love, joy and faith in His son Jesus Christ?
Brady Roberts: what is humble
Daniel St.Pierre: humble means modest, respectful
Brady Roberts: oh
Brady Roberts: yes i do
Daniel St.Pierre: then pray this prayer God I ask for your forgiveness for my sins and thank you for sending your son Jesus Christ to die on the cross so I could live. Lord I surrender my life to you and pray for your strength so that I can fulfill your mission for me in this life and rejoice with you in the next life. Amen!
Brady Roberts: i did it. i said it dan
Brady Roberts: really?
Brady Roberts: thanks 🙂
Daniel St.Pierre: now i ask God to heal you of your illness and allow you to fulfill your mission
Brady Roberts: thanks
Daniel St.Pierre: brady if you want to be healed you must ask Jesus Christ to heal you
Brady Roberts: he can do that?
Daniel St.Pierre: God can do anything
Daniel St.Pierre: anything
Daniel St.Pierre: pray to Him, talk to Him like you talk to me
Brady Roberts: ok
Brady Roberts: that would be so cool
Daniel St.Pierre: i tell you what is cool brady
Brady Roberts: what
Daniel St.Pierre: that you stepped from darkness into light
Daniel St.Pierre: god bless you b
Brady Roberts: cool
Brady Roberts: thanks to you
Daniel St.Pierre: i’m just a vessel
Brady Roberts: whats a vessel
Daniel St.Pierre: a mailman, courrier, delivery man
Brady Roberts: oh
Brady Roberts: cool
Daniel St.Pierre: cancer was never the enemy
Daniel St.Pierre: satan is
Daniel St.Pierre: evil is
Brady Roberts: ok
Daniel St.Pierre: cancer led you to me
Daniel St.Pierre: now, you have a long road ahead of you
Brady Roberts: i know
Daniel St.Pierre: i’ll be here to help you along the way
Brady Roberts: thanks man
Daniel St.Pierre: you need to gather the strenth to tell your mom, dad and friends
Daniel St.Pierre: it may take time
Daniel St.Pierre: but the gift you have been given must be shared
Brady Roberts: ok I will
Daniel St.Pierre: continue reading the bible
Brady Roberts: i will
Daniel St.Pierre: look up this verse:
Daniel St.Pierre: John 3:3 Unless one is born again he cannot see the kingdom of God
Daniel St.Pierre: you are born again praise God!!!
Daniel St.Pierre: go in peace, God loves you brady
Brady Roberts: even though I am born again, I am still afraid to die
Brady Roberts: is that bad?
Daniel St.Pierre: don’t be afraid
Daniel St.Pierre: trust in God.
Brady Roberts: ok
Daniel St.Pierre: as you grow spiritually and get closer to heaven your fear of death will subside
Daniel St.Pierre: you know i love my wife and daughter, am not too keen about leaving them behind but i trust in the Lord
Daniel St.Pierre: trust in Him
Brady Roberts: cool
Daniel St.Pierre: and seek His truth in the bible, it will bring you strength
Brady Roberts: ok
Daniel St.Pierre: seek His love, His joy, His peace
Daniel St.Pierre: remember He works in mysterious ways
Daniel St.Pierre: i am honored He brought you to me
Brady Roberts: really?
Brady Roberts: thanks
Daniel St.Pierre: and am overjoyed that you took this step with me tonight
Brady Roberts: me too
Daniel St.Pierre: angels in heaven are too – one day you and me will hang out in heaven
Brady Roberts: but you wont be there for along time
Daniel St.Pierre: who knows
Daniel St.Pierre: i’ll be looking for you if i get there first and ask about you until i find you
Daniel St.Pierre: promise me you’ll look for me if you get there first ok?
Brady Roberts: ok i will
Daniel St.Pierre: i’ll be the really cool looking bald guy with a big smile on his face…
Brady Roberts: 🙂
Daniel St.Pierre: i’ll pray for you tonight, for your physical healing and for God to water your spiritual seed…
Daniel St.Pierre: u made my day dude
Brady Roberts: why
Daniel St.Pierre: what good is a writer if no one can read…
Daniel St.Pierre: a painter if no one can see…
Daniel St.Pierre: or a musician if no one listens…
Daniel St.Pierre: i am a messenger and a servant
Daniel St.Pierre: you allowed me to fulfill my mission
Daniel St.Pierre: thanks b
Brady Roberts: yw
Daniel St.Pierre: god be with you and shine all around you
Brady Roberts: thanks
Brady Roberts: thanks for helping me
Daniel St.Pierre: yw
Daniel St.Pierre: always
Daniel St.Pierre: nite
Brady Roberts: night
Brady Roberts: I am glad I found you
Daniel St.Pierre: i’m glad you found Christ
Brady Roberts: me too
Brady Roberts: night
Daniel St.Pierre: nite
Daniel St.Pierre: gbu b
Brady Roberts: what’s that?
Daniel St.Pierre: God bless you
Brady Roberts: gbu too dan

That’s the power of God working through me. If you are born again you are commanded to do the same. If you are not saved, you can be. All it takes to go from darkness to light is a simple prayer. Something like this: God I ask for your forgiveness for my sins and thank you for sending your son Jesus Christ to die on the cross so I could live. Lord I surrender my life to you and pray for your strength so that I can fulfill your mission for me in this life and rejoice with you in the next life. Amen!

Father God;
We praise you for your love and everlasting Grace
We thank you for your blessings in our lives,
For your guidance and your patience
And for your ever present love.

God we pray that you will continue to look after us
And provide for us all we need in this life,
We pray that you will inspire us to offer you our very best,
As we willingly sacrifice ourselves to you each day.

Lord we anxiously await your return
And look forward to eternity spent with you in heaven,
And ask you to shine your light bright upon us in this life
So we never succumb to the tribulation’s suffering.

Thank you Lord father for all that surrounds us!

Praise God,

This message was written by Daniel St.Pierre

Posted in Bible Studies.

Daniel St.Pierre