What do others Say about you?

A stormy week comes to an end, funny how the weather plays a role in most people’s lives. I didn’t get to enjoy the outdoors much since my last message but made the most of the past seven days never the less.

Since thunder and lightning kept me indoors, I turned to the Bible for a ray of Sunshine and read the book of John. Much like I had anticipated, the story of Jesus as told by one his apostles turned into a breath of fresh air. I remain in awe with all that’s written about Jesus.

What, if anything do you believe will be written or said about you after you fulfill your life’s mission? I can’t help but ponder which truths or lies will be written about me and most importantly, whom will write them and in what context.

I agree with the saying “you can’t judge a book by it’s cover”, and also am an advocate of the fact a one’s accomplishments are best described by the things people say about that person. Does this mean we should cater to the ones around us or those who we anticipate will write about us? Not the least bit.

We should all live our lives as if each day was the last, as if life was a gift handed to us by God all mighty. After all, we all know how quickly a smile can turn into a frown, how a bright sunny morning can turn into a dark thunderous afternoon.

Walking in God’s footsteps is your guarantee sure to become your ticket to eternal life in Heaven. Unlike Jesus Christ, not all of us will have such wonderful gospel written about our lives but all of us have a chance at Heaven. All we need to do is live godly lives and accept the Lord’s guidance.

Live a righteous life, and you will see the things people will say and write about you will in deed be your legacy.

Let’s pray.

Father God;
We thank you for all that surrounds us, for your love.
We ask that you will guide our footsteps
So that we may become more like you and your son Jesus Christ
Whom you sent into the world to show us the way to Eternal life.

God we pray you will continue to shine your light bright upon us
In times of sorrow and temptation
And lead us to live righteous lives
According to your will, to your word.

God we thank you for forgiving our sins
And those of the people who pray to you and seek you.

Thank you all mighty God for all that you’ve given us!

Praise God,

This message was written by Daniel St.Pierre
Email: DanielStPierre@ThriveThroughChrist.com

Posted in Bible Studies.

Daniel St.Pierre