Umbrellas are for the Birds

There’s a thunderstorm rolling in this evening.  We can hear the thunder rolling closer and closer, and the sky is eerie.  The bird seed in our feeder out front, however, will be as dry as a desert, because my husband is, at this moment, affixing a giant, multicolor beach umbrella to the top of the feeder so the birds’ food will stay dry.

That is the kind of loving, sacrificial, tender Godliness that lives in this house.  I’m no match for that.  So, we have the birth of a blog…a Godly Woman’s Journal.  Lord, you have me on this task so please use every minute spent at this computer for your glory, and in your patience and loving kindness, work in me and help me become a woman who is worthy of the title of this blog.

Today I submitted to your plan as a stomach virus struck the house…my time was mostly divided between the bathroom and the bedroom.  You, Lord, showed me Your mercy and care by keeping the girls peaceful, happy, and gracious toward one another.  Thank you.  My husband cooked dinner.  Thank you.  Let this peace prevail.

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Elizabeth St.Pierre

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