Sermons by Pastor Daniel St.Pierre – Provoking Word Driven Messages

Saved since October 2000, I am blessed to deliver messages drawn from two things: My bleeding heart and the word of God. My sermons are passionate and biblical. They are also appropriate for all age groups and denominations.

More than a provoking speaker, I am a purpose driven ministry leader. I lived in the world and for the world until I was 34 years old and know how the enemy works himself into people’s lives. The topics I preach about involve the following:

> Physical Death and the Afterlife
> Addictions and Abstinence
> Adultery and Sexual Sin
> Lukewarm Christians and Imposters

Though donations are accepted, all public speaking engagements are free of charge minus travel expenses if any. To sample an excerpt from one of my sermons, please follow this link. This short audio track, titled “The 5 Minute Revelation” is a powerful meditation tool used in revealing the omnipresence of God in our lives.