Lord, you are so good to us.  Your ways are mysterious, trustworthy, and altogether for our good.  Please fill our hearts and our home today as we pack are belongings, our lives, and leap out in faith to our new home.  Thank you for the way you have prospered our family in the last four years.  We have loved this home and sought to bring you glory with every square foot.  Now please fill our new home with Your peace…Trinity longs to see you Lord, show her your power, your love and your strength, that she can trust you with her life.  Comfort Grace in her worry, show her that she has nothing to fear but everything to gain by trusting You in all things, big and small.  Let me model that unwavering faith to her.  Allow Faith to flourish and grow, to receive more instruction and loving attention.  Cover Dan, wash over him with your peace, wisdom and grace.  Walk with him step by step as he leads his family to unknown bounds.  Renew the desire to provide and prosper.  Let us reach our goals to become more self sufficient and to get out of debt.  Let each moment be an offering to You, and let us never forget how You brought us out of Egypt in Your perfect timing, into a land flowing with life and beauty.  Help us bring you glory, Father, in the way we care for our new home.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Posted in A Godly Woman's Journal.

Elizabeth St.Pierre