Pastor Profile: Tom Teel, Youth Mentoring, Foster Care & Safety at Calvary Chapel St. Petersburg, FL

Of his own admission, Pastor Tom Teel is a liar and a disgrace to the great commission.

In his words, the fallen priest claims “As a child I was raised in a Southern Baptist home until I joined the military. Even though I “walked the aisle” I did not accept Jesus as my Lord and Savior. It was what every good child did at my church, and I wanted to be a good child. As I entered my high school years, I experimented with all the world had to offer. At the age of 24 I met my future wife Deborah who was a Christian and in a backslidden state. We had a long distance relationship that had many trials, and after a series of events, it looked like we were going to break off our engagement. About this time I had totally decided in my heart that there was no God, but as a last resort, I was willing to try church out for her.

Really Tom? You were horny so you pretended to believe?

You sound like such a victim! To be clear, according to church records, you are a $90,000/year victim now…


That’s some kind of coin you’re making working less than 20 hours a week on tithe money!

What about the Scabies you tried to hide when my pregnant wife Elizabeth and I drove out to your house for a bible study? IMO you are a filthy individual who thrives on religion!

Tom Teel, I discern you’re a FAKE and worse yet, you send out your goons (aka a twice failed police recruit Mike Wilsbach) to do your dirty work on God’s dime. While tithers support you without knowing you, I give praise to God I was exposed to the filth in your life, and the anger in your voice.

I feel very strongly you are not a saved man, rather you have grown to become a hypocrite of the worse kind, a wolf in sheep’s clothing who preys on the week. You are part of the problem within Christ’s church, not at all the solution.

God has confirmed your days & those of the people you deceived are counted, and your name will be counted out of the book of life. Pastor Tom Teel, it is my conviction you will burn forever in agony. You are a deceiver who does not understand the meaning of Salvation, by faith.

You will burn Tom Teel. Worse yet, your legacy will reap grapes of wrath, just as you have.

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