Painting tomorrow using Today’s colors

The Lord blessed me with all His mighty Grace this week and I stand humble to be so fortunate. Looking at my life earlier this week, I could not stop thinking today was a result of what I did yesterday, then the days, and the result of things that happened 20 years ago!

How would you describe your life? Is your life the sum of all that you are? In essence, in deed it is. Our lives are not the result of one’s dreams but it is the collection of the things we do while we’re awake.

Back to your life. How would you describe it? If the answer does not fill you with humility and joy then you you are gravely missing out on something. If your life is already blessed and purpose driven, we invite you to continue working for the Lord blessing all those around you.

Knowing that tomorrow will follow the conclusion of this day and that the future is not yet written, we are given the perfect recipe for success in the word of God. Still some people continue to ignore the Bible’s guidelines resulting in a life not to desirable.

As children of the Lord, we are inspired to spread God’s light onto all those around us. This is why you must pickup your brush and begin painting tomorrow aware you can only use today’s colors.

First you take a good look at your life and point out the areas needing change then you confess these things to God, share these issues with those around you so you can gain from their strength and finally, let the Lord shine onto you like only He can!

It is our responsibility to better ourselves through Jesus Christ and the Word of God. Surround yourself with goodness and you will live a good life!

Let’s pray!

Father God;
We thank you for your blessings in our lives
For all that you provide for us,
For our families and friends
And all those in need.

Lord we pray you will continue to shine your light bright
Upon us and all your children,
And inspire us to share your light onto those around us.

Lord we ask you to put us to work for you in the days ahead
So that we may be witnesses to your all mighty Grace,
And strengthen us to follow in your footsteps
And become more like you each and every single day.

God we love you and thank you for all that surrounds us!

Praise God,

This message was written by Daniel St.Pierre

Posted in Bible Studies.

Daniel St.Pierre