Love is Patient

Dear God,

Happy Father’s Day.  Can I call you Dad?  Just kidding.  Today we honored our earthly father for all of the love and work and sacrifices he makes for us.  But the day itself was a dud.  The children wanted to spend time with him, and he wanted to have daddy time.  So, I’m taking my feelings and pouring them out to You, and I am asking for your help because I want to go to bed right now and have some down time after a long day of trying to keep the girls quiet.  I want to be alone.  But, You are patient.  You cherish Your children.  You never turn us away when we want to talk.  When we want to be with You, You’re there, waiting.  You keep Your promises.  You are trustworthy.  You want to hear about the details of our day.  You hurt when we hurt.  You love no matter what.  What am I to do right now?  Be like You?  I can’t do it on my own, You know.

Posted in A Godly Woman's Journal.

Elizabeth St.Pierre