Learning to Walk before we can Run

An amazing discovery on a distant planet sprouted controversy earlier this week when one of the two Mars rovers “Spirit” found hints of a water history on the red planet. Experts agree, where there’s water, there is a possibility of life.

The bible clearly says God created not only the earth but the entire universe around it. Details on the earth’s creation and evolution are laid out neatly in the book of Genesis however, not much is said about Mars or any other planet within out solar system. This is no mention of other galaxies, collapsing stars or any extraterrestrial life.

Are we to assume there is no life out there and that reaching out into space is futile or is the bible only targeted at life on earth? Rumors claim rich men wrote the bible to control the masses while believers agree the word of God was written by prophets and apostles of Jesus Christ. Christians believe that the Bible came to us from God himself, who used human authors to give us his message, through the presence and inspiration of his Spirit.

What to do about life outside our realm of knowledge then? Or about a world not mentioned in scripture? How can we ignore the possibility of extraterrestrial life?

The answer is not to ignore it but to embrace it as it holds answers to questions we cannot pose today with the limited knowledge we possess.

What need would a child have for a book teaching him to drive a car before he can even walk, or read? The bible plays an important role in guiding our footsteps in this life preparing us for all that awaits us in the next.

While building space rovers and shooting them into space seems extraordinary, imagine how amazing it will be to roam through the Kingdom of God!

Over a billion dollars were spent finding out there was once water on Mars while millions of people on Earth are forced to live without it. Can you imagine one single day without running water?

I invite you to teach yourself a lesson this week, one you will not forget. One day without water. No drinking, showering, hand washing or even the use of one of the most luxurious item in your home, a toilet!

I promise you a single day without water will change your life forever. Then again, so will a day without food. Knowing this, be thankful for all God has given you and never forget He can take it all away in an instant.

Let’s pray!

Father God;
We thank you for looking after us the way you do
And for providing more than we’ll ever need in this life
So we can rejoice with you in the next.

Lord we pray that you will continue to inspire us
To share with others less fortunate,
And to keep an open mind knowing we are not alone.

We ask that you give us wisdom and strength
To overcome challenges you lay before us,
Which you use as building blocks
So we can grow to be more like you.

Lord we know we need to learn to walk before we can run
And ask you to keep looking out for us
As we stumble through this life.

God we love you and thank you for all that surrounds us!

Praise God,

This message was written by Daniel St.Pierre
Email: DanielStPierre@ThriveThroughChrist.com

Posted in Bible Studies.

Daniel St.Pierre