How to Resist Sin and Win the Race

“Winners never quit and quitters never win!” Sounds like an easy formula right? So are so many around us seem to be quitting the race toward heaven rather then speed up building up eternal momentum?

Because they give in to temptation brought on by the devil, they give in to sin! More powerful than any bomb or force of nature, sin can alter the lives of all those who have lived and all those who will live until Christ returns along the new Jerusalem. Sin is more powerful then death itself!

“For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.” (Romans 6:23)

I am sorry for all those who trust their dreams and prayers to the Lord morning and night yet dance with the devil in between. The church goers that don’t know the difference between the body of Christ and the building where the body congregates. My soul bleeds for those who profit from crime then wonder why God forsakes them.

“He that committeth sin is of the devil; for the devil sinneth from the beginning. For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that he might destroy the works of the devil.” (1 John 3:8)

Sinners all, yes, but not all sinning. Enough is enough!

Let me pose three critical questions: Do you truly glorify the Lord is all you do? Is your faith fortified through your works? Are you truly involved with God’s church?

If you answered yes to all three questions, you are well on your way to rejoicing with Christ unless of course you come to a fork in the road and choose the sinful path. Be strong and whatever you do, never quit!

It is unfortunate most of us answered “no” or “not always” to at least one of those questions and must take significant action toward the growth of our salvation or be cast out in darkness with the others who rejected God.

Many are called but few are chosen.” (Matthew 22:14)

If you are a believer and feel the spirit living within you then you are driven to serve God and understand the power of sin. You also realize that sin is all around us. But are you armed against this deadly swarm of sin? Or are you ready to face the sword of temptation?

Here are four steps toward thickening our shield of salvation and avoiding a sinful lifestyle:

1. Flea from Sin

The first step in resisting sin involves getting as far from it as we can! No one human being is strong enough to face eternal temptation however we are told one day sin will seek us no more. “For he who has died is freed from sin.” (Romans 6:7)

2. Fortify your Spirituality

The next step calls you to strengthen your soul through God’s word allowing the Lord to fill your mind with His daily bread. “Do not be conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that you may prove what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.” (Romans 12:2)

3. Fortify your Body

Then we must ready ourselves physically so that we exude Samson’s confidence when facing temptation. This involves eating in moderation, exercising regularly and steering clear of alcohol and drugs. “Do you not know that in a race all the runners compete, but only one receives the prize? So run that you may obtain it. Every athlete exercises self-control in all things. They do it to receive a perishable wreath, but we an imperishable. Well, I do not run aimlessly, I do not box as one beating the air; but I pommel my body and subdue it, lest after preaching to others I myself should be disqualified.” (1 Corinthians 9:24-27)

4. Be prepared to Fight the Battle daily

The last and most important step has us fighting the battle daily. Yes, daily! Temptation will continue to surround us until Jesus’ return, we are called to keep our guard up and resist the devil each opportunity we get. Always remember what we go through each day is part of God’s plan and seldom comparable to the fight Jesus fought on that cross. “In your struggle against sin you have not yet resisted to the point of shedding your blood.” (Hebrews 12:4)

This week, arm yourself with the breastplate of God’s salvation, follow His ways and obey His commands out of faith in His son Jesus Christ. From this day on, through your faith in Christ, you are winning the battle over sin and are on your way to finishing the race the spirit started in you.

Let’s pray.

Father God;
We thank you for providing more than we need
And for the opportunities you place before us daily,
And ask you to inspire us to serve you through others
Who’s needs seem so out of reach

We ask for your strength in wisdom
As we fight sin and our are tempted to quit the race,
We pray for your guiding light
As we run through the devilish rain that surrounds us.

Lord we thank you for continuing to look after us,
Our families, friends and those around us,
And ask you to answer the prayers of those in need
As they cry out to you

God we love you and thank you for all that surrounds us!

Praise God,

This message was written by Daniel St.Pierre

Posted in Bible Studies.

Daniel St.Pierre