How do I know I’m going to Heaven?

How do I know I’m going to Heaven? Looking around it’s obvious a lot of people aren’t worried about this, or are they simply waiting for redemption down the home stretch?

God will forgive all sins and open the gates of Heaven to those who choose to serve him, as a child, an adult or even later in life on your death bed. This message is clear throughout the Bible and spoken during Church services worldwide. I have been asked “how is this not a permission to sin then?”

Actually, it’s a guide line. A command.

“How can someone sin their entire life, lie, cheat, steal and even kill but one day this person bow to their knees and asks for forgiveness– And God blesses them and invites them to spend eternity along side Him?” Because our Lord can do very little with someone who spends their entire life serving God and one day turns to the Devil. What truly matters to God is who you are when you cross the finish line.

Our Lord’s promise is a simple one and is based on Faith. Live your life accordingly and you will be rewarded. The gift of eternal life is a result of a change of attitude through faith in Jesus Christ, not a random prize for a life spent serving others without faith.

The bible reads in James 2:26 “For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also.” What this verse means is that no matter how many good deeds, how much good you bring into the world, if it is not based on faith in Jesus Christ or performed to honor and glorify God, it is useless and ignored by the eternal judge.

In order to find out if you are in deed headed to heaven, the question you need to ask yourself is not “how do I get to heaven” but “what am-I doing in the name of God to get to heaven”. Open your heart and your mind to God’s ways, to His love and He will keep his promise.

Love God with all that He made you to be and love others around you as He loves you. Enjoy the fruits of your labor, and see to it there is more harvest for your children to savor. Walk in God’s footsteps, let him guide your way, after all He promises that He will always be with you no matter what…

Let’s pray!

Father God;
We thank you for this day
And your blessings in our lives,
We thank you for being a force within us
Every time we need you to be.

Lord we pray you will continue to look after us
And inspire us to live our lives according to your word
Not only finishing well
But constantly striving for your perfection.

God we pray that you will bless us in the days ahead
Providing all that we need,
And bless our friends, our families and those around us
Like only you can.

We thank you for your love and all that surrounds us!

Praise God,

This message was written by Daniel St.Pierre

Posted in Bible Studies.

Daniel St.Pierre