Gluttony is out of Control

I’m writing this week’s message by candle light after a violent thunderstorm rocked west Florida. Another friendly reminder how fragile our technology can be when nature roars. Still, here I am speaking my mind never the less…

This week’s message targets the American obesity epidemic. If the shoe fits, wear it; This message is not intended for people with a few extra pounds rather, it is meant to shock & awe individuals who lost their minds super sizing every meal! It is also aimed at healthy folks who are willing to help the needy get back into decent shape!

There is a problem with over eating today and most people reading this message will deny it. They’re the obese ones using up ten folds more oxygen than the average human being and depleting the earth of the air we breathe. FDA representatives say “Fat people are not only hurting themselves, they hurt the economy and have become parasites this planet must to do without. This is a fact, no longer fiction.”

Numerous studies throughout the world show obesity is now a leading cause of death being at the root of heart, respiratory and digestive traumas. In plain English, gluttony kills more people than smoking, drugs and accidents. And it’s over eating I’m talking about, one of the seven deadly sins.

Does that mean gluttons need a wake-up call? Yes. It does.

Why? Because they are silent killers themselves without even knowing it. Gluttons are known to raise obese children which in turn use up even more oxygen and resources not mentioning feeding in to capitalism. Think about this the next time you DON’T have the nerve to get on a scale. Or lie about your weight. Or when you stuff your face with that 2000 calorie meal when you should eat that much in an entire day!

Or worse, when you try and hide behind a large diet soda feeding your sugar addiction fooling yourself into thinking sugar free is okay. The truth of it is you’re defiling your body with phosphates which prevent your metabolism from burning all the fat you’re intaking.

Let’s face it, more than 80 percent of the people in America are gluttons. How can you be saved? Faith, moderation and, by seeking Help. For starters, pickup the phone and get a diet analysis from a Christian certified professional, the results might shock you but it will be the first step toward your recovery. (Free analysis by a Christian specialist

If you’re a glutton, this week’s message should make you quiver seeing how your obesity is a sin obvious to everyone. If you’re really big, and I mean more than 75 pounds over your FDA weight, than you’re an obvious mess and I promise you won’t get away with it.

One of the prices gluttons constantly pay involves others ‘noticing’. And whatever anyone says, it’s not okay! It’s awful how gluttons give in to temptation feed the devil through their own mouths and defile the temple that is their body!

Those of you carrying a normal weight should feel fortunate, I hope this message inspires you to reach out to a friend or family member and help them get their problem under control. Most gluttons can’t help themselves, it is up to the rest of us to save them from sure death and worse, eternal damnation.

I can no longer ignore a fact which has become so obvious all around us, and I am ready to help you if you are ready to acknowledge you have a problem. I invite you to email or call me with irregular eating habits so I can guide you to a healthier lifestyle.

We all need to pickup the phone on this issue considering we have ignored it too long.

Let’s pray.

Father God;
We thank you for all that surrounds us, for your love.
We pray you will strengthen our Faith and our minds
So we can live righteous lives walking in your footsteps.

Lord we pray you will guide us as you feed us
Providing the daily bread we need to fulfill your mission for us,
And keep us from drowning ourselves in Gluttony
Doing the devil’s work fattening ourselves like cattle before the kill.

God please forgive our sins and those of our peers
See us through another week on your magnificent earth
And lead us to everlasting life in Heaven as only you can.

Thank you all mighty God for your presence in our lives.

Praise God,

This message was written by Daniel St.Pierre

Posted in Bible Studies.

Daniel St.Pierre