Full of grace

Lord, You know how deeply hurt I am by the things that were said in this house last night.  I know that You set a holy example for us to follow – forgive, forgive, forgive.  Please Lord, allow your grace, mercy and forgiveness to wash over me and fill my heart with tenderness.  Erase the hurt and bitterness, let it not take root, not even a little!  I don’t want to forgive…this has to be done by Your beautiful spirit.  You said “Be holy, for I am holy.”  I am so grateful that I have a savior I can turn to who understands everything, every awful emotion.  Wipe it all away, Jesus.  Help me to forgive, not just this morning as I’m writing this and the house is peaceful, but all day long, even when the house is not peaceful.  Let Your peace rule in my heart.

Posted in A Godly Woman's Journal.

Elizabeth St.Pierre