Following God’s Guidebook the Bible

Another splendid week came to past, many more opportunities to serve God presented themsleves in my life and though I try and meet each challenge head-on, I am sorry to report more of God’s people turned away from the Word and commited sinful acts inspite of the guidance I offered.

I am shaken by people’s ignorance! How can anyone ignore such an obvious guide book? I mean God’s instructions are laid out so simply, in every language known to man- Why even consider any other way of life?

Walking in our Lord’s footsteps in so much easier than it seems, wake up in the morning, go to bed each night and bless others in between! Such is the way to Heaven and the key to Eternal Life. Do good rather than bad. How difficult is that? Am-I a fool to think this?

Do not lie, cheat or worship another God but the all mighty! Don’t kill anyone, covet another man’s wife or commit adultery. Don’t use the Lord’s name in vain, this means no cussing or even boiling-up in anger! Be at peace with the world and bless others as Jesus himself touched others. Anything else is pure Evil.

It’s amazing to me how many of you have never read the Bible, even more frightful how many choose to ignore the wisdom laid in it. Even non believers stand to gain from reading the Bible. A few minutes each day can truly change your life, it’s done wonders in mine. But I’m sure you have better, more important things to do, like Sin! Go ahead, say it: We’re all human and we Sin by nature…


I don’t buy into that. We Sin by CHOICE! Being tempted is our nature, Jesus himself felt temptation but chose to walk the righteous path. Once you start paying attention you too can live a full life. Until then, face the fact you are doing the devils work hurting people around you rather than help them.

And so today, a mother lays in a jail cell after a fight with her daughter who chose to yell back instead of walking away. Today, children are pulled back and forth from divided homes as a result of a divorce. Today, a man is laying dead in his backyard after a robber was cought in the act. People sin and there’s nothing you can do about it…

You alone have to power to make a difference. Make the right choice when standing at a fork in the road of life. It may not be the easiest choice, but we all know right from wrong. Let’s pray together God will give us strength to do the right thing.

Father God;
We thank you for all that surrounds us, for your love.
We thank you for your forgiveness in our Sins
And ask you to make us stronger in moments of Temptation
So that we are given the wisdom to do what’s right.

Lord we ask that you will guide our footsteps in the days ahead
That you will inspire us to learn more about your ways
By following your guide book the Bible.

God please shine your light upon us in difficult times,
Bless others around us with your holyness in their lives
And inspire evil doers to join your family.

Thank you all mighty God for your presence in our lives.

Praise God,

This message was written by Daniel St.Pierre

Posted in Bible Studies.

Daniel St.Pierre