Taking action using God’s road map

Praise God! Folks, how can you not? How can anyone not enjoy the splendor of a tree, the smell of freshly bloomed flowers or the crisp autumn breeze cascading down from the mountains? How can you not be amazed with each star that lights-up the sky or a blazing Sun amidst the clouds? Truth is, […]

Trust in the Lord’s plan for your Life

One more week ends just as another week begins. Much like life itself, there are times for beginnings, and for endings, all according to God’s plan. Can you count the blessings the Lord sent you this past week? Or are you blinded by stress, fear or frustration? Are you aware you’re lucky to be alive? […]

What are you Praying for?

God answered one of my most sacred prayers this past week blessing me in such a way I can hardly find words to describe it. The Lord allowed to meet a most wonderful, beautiful godly woman. I spent my entire adult life in search of “Mrs. Right” and just as I had resolved myself to […]

Your perspective on your Life

God blessed me with more than I could ever ask for this past week; Seven days in paradise filled with love, affection and everything in between. At least, that’s how I decide to look at it… The inability to help everyone who came to me hurt me deeply. I can’t tell you how troubling it […]

Let God take Charge of Your Life

One more week spent serving God comes to an end, I happy to say I was blessed with the chance to touch a few more people positively through this Ministry and, by listening to others as we all go through life’s challenges. Many people seem to be hurting as a result of poor decision making […]

Seeing through Adversity

A new year slowly gets under way, this is a time often filled with hope as last year’s resolutions kick-in; Hopes of a better job instead of strength to “do”a better job, a better mate rather than the patience needed to fully enjoy my current relationship, and of course, a better “me” rather than praying for […]

Surrounding yourself with Godly People

Wow! What a phenomenal week I just had! I am in complete awe with life and God’s green earth. I just had a dream week and want to share some of it with you… It started out with beach volleyball which as you know is among my favorite sports. Add a few new Christian friends, […]

What do others Say about you?

A stormy week comes to an end, funny how the weather plays a role in most people’s lives. I didn’t get to enjoy the outdoors much since my last message but made the most of the past seven days never the less. Since thunder and lightning kept me indoors, I turned to the Bible for […]

Giving in to Temptation

I’ve had yet another blessed week in Florida fulfilling my life’s mission serving God any way I can. This week, I got to help people with Bible Study, Online Marketing, Web Design and Photography. I made more smiles than I can count and am thankful for the opportunities God delivered throughout the week. Sunday brought on […]

Find Purpose for Your Life

I was blessed to enjoy yet another fantastic week in Central Florida doing what I do best: serve God through my work and ministry opportunities. More “would be” headaches turned into small miracles, a few people joined the Thrive Through Christ Ministries and thankfully, there were plenty of witnessing opportunities. All I can say is […]