Christian Hypocrisy is All Around us

B-I-N-G-O! Sue is a huge Bingo fan and somewhat a shopaholic. The gal can find the best deal in most any store, spend hours upon hours picking out the right outfits for her nephews, nieces, stepdaughters, grandkids, daughter- in- law, and of course, herself! A glance at her weekend involving barbecuing, a two local festivals, […]

The Storm is Coming

The weather in Florida can be quite unpredictable in the summer time, one second you’re sun bathing under a burning sun and minutes later it can be pouring down buckets! I recall a hot summer day last year at Clearwater Beach, one of my favorite spots. Just the perfect day, clear blue skies, hot, boy […]

Blessed beyond our own Recognition

God blessed me with another splendid week in the sunshine state, seven days of pure joy spent serving my fellow Christians. I am fortunate to wake-up each morning to a wonderful wife, then enjoy a light breakfast on the patio where my eyes feast on a postcard quality view of a pond and a Tennis […]

Answering your Calling

One year ago, I started this Ministry not knowing where it would lead me. I felt a calling and answered the call the best way I knew how, by putting my skills to use through the internet. It was my way of serving God and helping those in need. Little did I know a few […]

Spreading Happiness all around You

I had a birthday earlier this week and wanted to share a special message with all of you. Walking around Disney World Resorts yesterday witnessing such great happiness helped me reaffirm the fact that happiness is a state of mind, a place where we decide to be rather than a reward for our actions. Much […]

Watch Your Mouth!

A tennis match I played earlier this week inspired me to write a message which is found throughout the bible: The words you use define your character. Our words have an effect on others; they also have an effect on us. When we speak evil, we not only reveal the sin in our own hearts, […]

Seeking God from All Angles

Living in Florida allows me to witness a most beautiful scenery almost everywhere I look. Being a photographer, I feel blessed to be able to capture such magnificence every time I go out on a photo shoot. I’ve been told that “I have a good eye” as many people enjoy my photography. Tourists however rarely […]

Remembering those who make our lives easier

I was compelled to share a story by Herbert Vander Lugt with you this week, something I read in a booklet someone left behind at the gym… Vietnam war Navy fighter pilot Charles Plumb was sitting in a restaurant one night when a man approached him and said: “You’re Plumb right? You flew jet fighters […]

For each Action there’s an Equal Reaction

How can we make certain our lives are headed in the right direction? We are all faced with an extensive decision making process each day that eventually defines us. The choices we make in life often dictate who we are and more importantly, who we become. It makes perfect sense that consequently, our work, the […]

Looking for Love in the Right Places

Late last night I was approached by a young woman seeking companionship. She opened with “Hey, sexy are you into tantric sex?” I knew right away this person needed my help. This was not the first time I was approached online, and I’m sure it won’t be the last, somehow the internet has become the […]