Keep Serving God No Matter What

Wow! That’s the best word to describe the week I had. God worked his magic once again, not exactly the way I would do it yet, it was another phenomenal week never the less! Monday brought on quite the test when a leaking automobile fuel tank turned into a nightmare threatening the entire neighborhood seeing […]

Following God’s Guidebook the Bible

Another splendid week came to past, many more opportunities to serve God presented themsleves in my life and though I try and meet each challenge head-on, I am sorry to report more of God’s people turned away from the Word and commited sinful acts inspite of the guidance I offered. I am shaken by people’s […]

God’s Answers to Your Prayers

This was a testing week for me, from unpleasant weather causing floods throughout the state, to personal issues which made for a few sleepless nights. Since there really isn’t much I can do about the record breaking rain over the east coast, I resorted to praying for those who would be affected by the extraordinary […]

Fulfilling our Life’s Mission

It was another picturesque week in Tampa, hot sunny days sprinkled with daily thunderstorms make for sticky high humidity afternoons. Summers in Tampa are truly “hotter than hell”. Still, this is where I prayed I would spend summer 2003, not because of the extreme heat but rather because of the people I am surrounded with. […]

Taking time to Worship God

I just returned from Cocoa Beach where I spent the day Surfing under stormy skies. Since I live out on the West coast this meant a two and a half hour drive each way which consumed much of the day. This helped me realize how dedicated I was seeing how I was ready to drive […]

The Institution of Marriage

I was blessed with the most wonderful weekend spent helping others and of course, enjoying gorgeous Florida beaches. I can’t find words to describe how enlightening Sunday’s sunset turned out to be and so, I’ll wing it: Wow! Feeling the warmth of the Sun of my face and taking-in a deep breath by the Ocean […]

Is Breaking The Speed Limit A Sin?

I just had a birthday last week, I must admit, being closer to 50 than 20 isn’t the least bit amusing. I feel it all over! I spent my 37th birthday driving through the Carolinas, Georgia and Florida on my way to Tampa where I will be spending the next month serving our Lord. There’s nothing […]