Well, yestreday was a complete disaster.  Did I say that I was going to step aside and not get in Your way, and then I didn’t do it?  I jsut stood in the way likea big dumb stump.  Well, today I’m ask8ng for a do-over.  Fill me with Your grace and have mercy on me, […]


God, You are so BIG!  Your glory and majesty surrounds us.  Your thoughtfulness and perfection.  Your attention to detail in every insect, tree, gentle breeze and rumble of thunder.  Help me keep a heavenly perspective and keep my focus on You.  We need some reassurance right now after multiple heavy attacks this week.  Let us […]


Lord, you are so good to us.  Your ways are mysterious, trustworthy, and altogether for our good.  Please fill our hearts and our home today as we pack are belongings, our lives, and leap out in faith to our new home.  Thank you for the way you have prospered our family in the last four […]

Mary Kate

Lord, my heart is filled with sadness but at the same time I can see your mercy and love by the way You relieved Mary Kate of the torment of her illness.  Please welcome her into Your arms and greet her like a hero.  What a sweet servant.  Be with her children.  I know this […]

Full of grace

Lord, You know how deeply hurt I am by the things that were said in this house last night.  I know that You set a holy example for us to follow – forgive, forgive, forgive.  Please Lord, allow your grace, mercy and forgiveness to wash over me and fill my heart with tenderness.  Erase the […]

Hurry a little please, in Your perfect timing

Lord, we really love the property in Brooksville and only have a few days left until we need to move.  We trust You, we know Your timing is perfect, and I ask You to reveal to me what the next step should be.  Should I start packing?  Should I wait for the application?  Will you […]

Your plan

Lord, I am surrendered to your plan.  Thank you from shielding us from worry and anxiety, which I now understand are the sin of unbelief.  Please speak to Grace in your comforting voice, that she may also learn to trust in You and not to worry, even when life is uncertain like it is right […]

A New Week

Father, thank you for the joy you filled our home with this weekend at the girls’ party.  Our home became the church, and the peace and fellowship we shared surpassed my hopes and expectations.  Please nurture the seeds planted and fill our home again, soon.  Forgive me for not surrendering to You completely and attempting […]


Lord, we are down to less than two weeks away from moving and we still have no house.  I trust that You will provide in Your perfect timing.  My prayer this morning is that Your spirit will fill me, encourage me, and allow me to be a springboard, not a sponge, for any attack that […]


Thank you for your faithfulness, Lord.  Help me to trust you.  If our new home is in Brooksville, help me to not be afraid and to trust that You have our very best in mind, and if I can get out of the way then You can fulfill Your plan.  Help me get out of […]