Asking God for Little Treats Here and There

ST. PETERSBURG FL – As if building a congregation according to text written over one thousands years ago wasn’t difficult enough, a Christian pastor at a local church has now decided to preach from his own bible in an effort to take a more apologetic emphasis toward today’s culture.

First Baptist church pastors Damian Gerke and Luke Langston claim “The teaching and/or instruction in the word must come in a different place in the organization. In our structure that means in community, in relationship. Specifically in our Community Groups”.

Gerke and Langston add “The goal of our preaching is not to challenge or confront. The goal of our preaching is to introduce people to Jesus”.

An important question brought up by FBC small group members is “What about those who already have a relationship with Jesus?”

A ministry leader and First Baptist St. Petersburg attendee Daniel St.Pierre testifies the most shocking part of Walter Draughon’s preaching is the obvious “watered down milk” fed to FBC’s spiritual babies instead of the actual word of God found in the bible.

Walter Draughon FBC St. Pete

Senior pastor Dr. Walter Draughon preaching at First Baptist Church on Gandy Blvd. Draughon continues to be unavailable to comment on this or any other blasphemous preaching allegations taking place at FBC St Pete.

“Walter tells boring stories about turkey hunting, painting or overflowing trash cans instead of actual scripture.”

St.Pierre adds “the worse part of harvesting spiritual babies and not feeding them the biblical meat found in the perfect word of God is that they will eventually feel the need to move-on and seek another church.”

Another FBC small group member and Sunday school teacher agrees saying “our church is like a Mcdonald’s. If you want something that’s not on the menu, then go somewhere else!”

FBC pastors Gerke and Langston admit “Like it or not, by-and-large we preach to a postmodern audience that has tuned out the canned message of the church.

This culture sees the church through the lens of irrelevance and curious disdain, if not disgust.

We intentionally choose our words, phrases and style to try to communicate in a language that they will understand.”

A Saddleback church member since October 2000, Daniel St.Pierre states he knows a good preacher when he sees one. Serving under Rick Warren, pastor of America’s largest church and author of the best selling nonfiction book of all time (The Purpose Driven Life), St.Pierre strongly disagrees with FBC’s preaching style stating “the problem with choosing your own words is that it leads to self righteousness.”

During recent sermons I heard pastor Draughon making claims I found not only in contradiction of the new and old testaments, I discerned his teaching was pure blasphemy and seemed to be pulled from his own bible!”

St.Pierre adds “then, in 2012, after a service my wife Elizabeth and I were shocked to find out our 8 year old daughter Grace, whom we assumed was under the supervision of Amanda Clark, was left unattended to roam around the second floor of the children’s ministry, steps away from an elevator to a lobby, which in turn leads to the parking lot. When a complaint was filed with Walter Draughon, he swept the incident under a rug and supported Clark’s ambition to shoot photographs of the children under her supervision rather than ensure their safety, leaving access doors unattended and defending her decision making by blaming a volunteer who had gone home early.”

“With this in mind I ask, is Walter Draughon a postmodern Baptist teacher or a mere Cult leader? Judging from the testimonies and statements herein, I say he’s busy serving his own purpose. To me, he is an evil man. My personal experience and the testimonies of leaders in my FBC bible study class, including John Langston, Jet Wilda and other spiritual leaders indicateWalter Draughon III is misguided, a sinner with a theological doctorate degree trying to lead lost souls to Jesus. My only concern as a Christian is that he may be among the many that are invited to the Kingdom of God but not among the chosen ones.”

An Article By Sebastian Ponce

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