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I am NOT living up to the title of “Godly” woman, although I am still a woman at least.  I’ve had a horrible attitude the last two days, lashing out in anger over trivial things (housecleaning) and very generalized frustration.  The kids and Dan have shown me love and mercy and I’ve asked for their forgiveness.  But I’m still not quite right.  I do not want to be a lazy servant, and I am STRUGGLING this summer!  Let’s list all the good habits I’ve abandoned in the past month:  meal planning, exercising, weekly/monthly cleaning list (I’m barely keeping up on day to day), 6 a.m. quiet time, and journaling.  Help me, God.  I feel overwhelmed and I need your help.  Help me sort out the tasks that are given to me by you, like all the ones I just listed, and don’t let my mind fret on the rest.  I need to do what is important today, because I can’t get today back and You don’t want me to waste it.  So help me to treat it like the gift it is.

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Elizabeth St.Pierre

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